About Us

We love motorsport…

Members of the South Auckland Car Club (SACC) LOVE motorsport. Our aim is to facilitate and support motor racing for novice and experienced amateur motorsport enthusiasts.


Clubsport Basic – Advanced
ClubSport events are competitions held usually on a road, circuit or paddock, where the placings are decided by the time taken to complete the course.

Basic Events are those where competitors (including those new to motorsport) can complete without the need for specialised vehicles and expensive equipment.

A competition licence is not required for any ClubSport Basic Events (with the exception of Regularity Trials), but after your first two Autocross or Single Car Standing Sprints you must be a member of either a Member Club or Associate Member Club.

A competition licence is required for all ClubSport Advanced Events and you must be a member of either a Member Club or Associate Member Club.

A great way to get started in motorsport, autocross is about the most bang for your buck. SACC run these during the year, normally set out with cones on a grass paddock – competitors negotiate the course against the clock, points off for touching or knocking down cones! Normally four or more runs per event. A good way to meet other competitors and enjoy competition in a friendly atmosphere. 

This is a great first event for new drivers, low entry fee – your road car will more than likely be suitable for competition, a helmet, overalls, and a good attitude and you’re ready to compete.

At the event you’ll even find the experienced competitors competing as a means of keeping their eye in and seat time up. The smiles at the end of the day sure confirm this event is a must do for anyone thinking they’d like to have a go. Dad’s – got a budding boy or girl racer about to hit the streets, come along for a fun day in a controlled environment and develop their skill level whilst competing.

Contact SACC or check out our website for coming events.

So you think your quite nippy round the shopping mall carparks, well how about stepping it up a level at a South Auckland Car Club Motorkhana. On grass or tarseal, round the cones, reverse in to the “garage” then forward weaving through the cones, don’t hit them !,(points off) then some more reversing around the cones (this is a great leveller) and finally finishing forward by stopping at the finish, AGAINST THE CLOCK! Great fun and a safe way to start your motorsport career, or just hone your skills. All you need is a car- your road car will be fine, and a racy attitude.

Your social club wants an event for team building? or just a day out for your workmates- contact a member of South Auckland Car Club for the next event date. These events are great fun with emphasis on driver skill, rather than outright speed.

Normally 4 courses with 2 runs on each (time permitting) with your best time on each added together to find overall placings. These events are “clubsport basic” designed for newbys who would like to” give it a go”. A motorsport licence is not required for the first 2 events and your vehicle will need to be to WOF standard but no other modifications are necessary.


A rally event is made up of several high speed “Special Stages”. These stages can be held on public or private, sealed or unsealed roads (which are closed to the public) and each driver and co-driver competes, attempting to drive the distance in the shortest possible time. The role of the “Co-driver” is to read route instructions to the driver from a road book which details intersections and some hidden hazards on the course. The “Special Stages” in a rally are linked by “Touring Stages” which are the means of getting from one stage to the next, and are driven at normal road speeds and rules.


A motor race is an event where many cars compete at the same time, with the aim of being the first car to complete the required number of laps. Races can be over a variety of distances, ranging from just a couple of laps, up to as many laps as can be completed in a 24 hour period.
. It is still possible to race competitively in a car which you have driven to the circuit. Races may be held for specific groups of cars, based on engine capacity, make/model of car, type of car etc.