It has come to light that a number of MSNZ Affiliated Car Clubs have, and are still, allowing participation in ClubSport events which breaches the following rule:

MotorSport Manual 36, Schedule C, Article 5.3 – All competitors of a ‘purpose built vehicle’ are required to hold a valid MotorSport NZ competition licence of M Grade or higher.

As per Schedule A , Part One, Article 1.2: Interpretations: “Purpose built vehicle” means a vehicle that; Has a safety cage fitted, that is not equipped as standard on all production examples of the vehicle, or The construction of which prevents its use on public roads”

This means that a vehicle with a safety cage/rollbar, even though homologated by MSNZ, cannot be used in competition by someone who does not hold a valid M Grade competition licence or higher. Those who obtain a Temporary M Grade licence (known as a Day Licence) do not qualify.

This is a change which was introduced with the publication of Manual 36 on 20 August 2018. It is highly recommended that all clubs, officials and competitors familiarise themselves with these changes. Text changes from the previous issue are highlighted in each of the Schedules.

Also a reminder that physical licence cards still need to be checked on event. Another change implemented in Manual 36 is a penalty for a valid licence holder to compete without being able to provide a copy of their card or valid temporary licence letter.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact the MotorSport NZ Office on 04 815 8015 or email


The Motorsport Team