After recent inquiries to the MSNZ office we wanted to pass on a few points to assist our Competitors, Clubs, Officials and all others in the MotorSport NZ Community.

Please feel free to pass this onto others who may not be in our email database, but you believe would benefit from this info. 

Vehicles in your MotorSport Online record

Under your “Vehicles” Tab, if you see duplicate records of your vehicle, please do not delete these. The duplicate is produced by a ‘bug’ in the system and they are a mirror image of the existing vehicle detail. Deleting one will delete all. 

We currently have this Bug logged with the system developers for correcting. 

Authority Card Renewal Applications

If you apply for your Authority Card Renewal online the system may advise you that it is a new application and you are required to have the vehicle inspected. This will give you a link to form.

If this happens and you are sure you have met the authority card renewal criteria, please continue through the application and then take photos or scans of your Vehicle Logbook and email those

The Online system has the renewal criteria built in, so if your events have not been entered online (they are instead written into your physical logbook) the system does not know you have met the criteria.  We will require the scans of your Logbook to verify this. 

Please note that if this is not sent to us, we can only assume the application is New and will wait for you to send the completed form after you have had your car audited.

Logbooks and Safety Cages and Event Entry

If you are adding a roll protection structure to your vehicle this needs to be added to an existing logbook or following a new Logbook application. Safety Cages and Safety Rollbars are an add-on to the Vehicle Logbook so if you only register the vehicle and then have a safety cage added to it the safety cage application will not show up for approval.

If you are having someone else construct the safety cage, you should complete the Logbook application first and then add the safety cage.  The system will prompt you to insert the safety cafe constructor’s details.  The safety cage constructor will then have access to complete the application through their login.  It is important that the car owner applies for the Logbook and not the safety cage constructor.

We have also been receiving several Safety Cage applications where the structure does not meet the requirements of Schedule A. It is highly recommended to read and understand this Schedule before submitting your application.

Also, a reminder regarding online entries- If you are borrowing a vehicle please ensure you answer the “Do you own this vehicle” question with No. If you select Yes, the system will move the vehicle from the owners record to yours.

Licence Card Delays

There has been a delay in the arrival of the licence card supply. This supply has now been delivered and all the backlog of licence cards were sent out last week.

We apologise for the delay and remind all that Official Temporary Licence letters are available within your MotorSport Online Licences tab- If the dates need to be adjusted please email

Checking the price for an application

If you wish to know the price of an application before continuing with it please  go to the MotorSport Manual, Schedule B.  All application prices are detailed there.

Please don’t use the online application process to check the price.  If you do, and you arrive at the payment screen, the application will remain in Pending. 

Hard copy Forms

A reminder that forms are updated when required- updates can include costs or regulations so using the current version is important. It is not recommended to hold onto copies of forms in case these are amended.

Current versions of forms can be found in the following online locations in both Word and PDF versions:

Licence Forms- Within the Resources tab of your MotorSport Online log in- All other forms (Event and Technical included)- 

Contact Details

A reminder to keep your contact details up to date. Your profile in MotorSport Online is what the team see when processing applications and can only assume that these are current.

If you are an Official and have your details published on the MSNZ public website, please note these are manually updated and not automated with your profile. If these details need to be amended, please contact the MSNZ Office to advise this. 


The Motorsport Team