Please be advised that under amendments 36005 and 36006, the following items have been amended in MotorSport Manual 36:


Item 1 – Schedule A Art. 4 – To clarify the acceptable and usable standard for safety critical items.

Item 2 – Schedule A Art. 4.6(2) – To clarify the location of transponders for Scrutineers when they are required by the Supplementary Regulations.

Item 3 – Schedule A Art. 5.2 – To make the regulation more practicable.

Item 4 – Schedule A Art. 6.3 – Provide greater accessibility in becoming an Accredited series in light of vehicle safety improvements.


Item 1 – Schedule L – Art.4.5 – To update the criteria needed for the upgrading from National to an International competition license.

Amendments 36005 and 36006 are attached and can be download for your reference.


The Motorsport Team