Following the latest board meeting of MotorSport New Zealand Inc, please see below a summary of the key discussion items and decisions made.

  • Wade Paterson, Chief Steward, attended the Board meeting and a number of items were discussed around the Rules Committee and the Stewards department including training, recruitment, and the up and coming National Stewards Meeting.
  • A review of the Finances to the end of August was done and we are tracking better than expected against our revised budget with the Back in Motion package helping to deliverer more participants at most comparable events than during 2019.  The effect on our 2020 finances and the impact of COVID-19 and the Back in Motion support package will continue to be monitored closely.
  • A decision was made to support MotorSport New Zealand Championships for the next race and rally seasons and not charge Championship title fees for the 2020/21 season.  Instead, the Accreditation Series fees will apply and this will again be reviewed again during the 2nd quarter of 2021.
  • The server infrastructure behind MotorSport Online (Possum) is reaching the end of its life and a move to cloud-based technology has been identified as the best way to ensure longevity and increase its future usability.  This upgrade will also unlock more potential in the system with future developments. $20,000 has been allocated to facilitate this.
  • Great progress has been made on eSports in the past few weeks. There will be some further announcements due from the Board in the coming weeks around this. eSports is an exciting new phase of the sport moving forward.
  • There are currently ongoing discussions with the promoter and various classes around the Summer Series calendar. We hope to be able to announce some further information around this in the next fortnight.
  • Historic Sports Sedan Club has decided not to remain as a member club as they are joining with the Historic Racing Club.
  • Management is continuing to investigate ways in which we can make improvements around the current Insurance Policy and other ways we can provide additional value to our members.
  • A discussion was had around the 75th Anniversary which is in 2022 and ways in which the organisation can help events and clubs promote the anniversary.
  • With the term of David Taylor coming to an end, the Board is seeking a new appointed Board member. Member clubs have been sent information for the nomination of an applicant. The deadline for nominations closes on 25 September 2020 and currently, 2 nominations have been received. If you would like to be considered please contact your club or email the Acting CEO for the application pack.
  • Multi-Permit Events: The Board received a proposal from Management regarding the permit fees for multi-permitted events and to allow for only the highest permit fee to be charged. In light of the current impact COVID-19 is having and to provide a benefit to clubs who organise one day multi-permit events, there will now only be a charge of one permit fee which will be for the highest cost permit. A club will still be required to apply for the other permits as previously. 
  • With the departure of David Taylor from the Board, Scott O’Donnell will move to be Board liaison on Race Commission after spending 3 years with the Historic Advisory Commission.  The current Board liaison appointments to Advisory Commissions are:
    • Race Advisory Commission – Scott O’Donnell
    • Rally Advisory Commission – Norman Oakley
    • ClubSport Advisory Commission – Nick Hamlin
    • Historic Advisory Commission – TBA
    • Volunteer Advisory Commission – Deborah Day
    • Women in MotorSport Advisory Commission – Deborah Day
    • Youth Advisory Commission – Deborah Day
  • As discussed during the 73rd AGM, the 74th MotorSport New Zealand Conference, AGM, and Awards Evening are to be held in Christchurch. We can now confirm that the date for the event is 21/22 May 2021
    • The Conference and 74th AGM will be held at the Rydges Latimer Christchurch on 21/22 May 2021
    • The Awards Evening will be held at the Christchurch Art Gallery on the evening of 22 May 2021
    • Additional information will follow soon around accommodation packages and the conference, however, if you have any specific topics that you would like to be considered to be included as a seminar please forward these to Morgen Dickson for consideration.

Kind Regards,

Wayne Christe  |  President
MotorSport New Zealand Inc.